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Lessons to use alongside
the jesus storybook bible

Digital Download--43 Individual Lessons!


Try out these FREE lessons to go alongside The Jesus Storybook Bible. This curriculum is aimed at children ages 5 to 8. Each lesson includes a craft, game, Bible memory, and questions to help the kids better understand the story.

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With this download, you will receive 43 complete lessons--one for each story in the Jesus Storybook Bible--for only $19.99!

These lessons can be used at home or in a classroom setting. Each individual lesson includes: 

  • Questions to ask young kids to help them understand the story

  • A Bible memory verse that reinforces what you read

  • A simple craft with explanations and printables when applicable

  • A fun game that (usually) applies to the lesson


(To purchase this automatic download, you will be redirected to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.)

I am so excited for you to use these Bible lessons that I’ve written to teach alongside The Jesus Storybook Bible. There is one 45 minute (approximate) lesson that goes along with each story in the JSB. That's 43 lessons in this one download!


These Bible lessons are purposely very simple, and can be used in a home or classroom setting. They are written so that you can grab your kids (or class), The Jesus Storybook Bible (purchased separately), a few common household items, and enjoy an intentional and fun Bible lesson.


I created these lessons to be very easy for yourself or a volunteer to walk into a classroom, and with minimal prep, begin teaching. I used these lessons for many years for the K-3rd grade Sunday school classes--they have been well tested and loved!


These lessons are aimed at children ages 5 to 8. By design, they combine active, hands-on learning activities, as well as times of sitting still. Hopefully, the lessons are pretty self-explanatory, but the basic flow of each lesson goes like this:


  • Welcome the kids and do something silly or active (like a song, burpees, etc.) for a couple of minutes. This will help them get their wiggles out, and be ready to sit and listen.

  • Sit down with the children and read the story listed at the top of the page from The Jesus Storybook Bible. After you are done reading, ask the kids some, or all, of the questions listed.

  • Teach them the Bible verse. Have the kids stand up and have fun with this. There will be a simple song or activity to help them memorize the Scripture. Please show them the verse in your Bible! We want them to become familiar with the TRUE Word of God.

  • Gather around a table and complete the craft. There are illustrations on each lesson to help clarify what you are creating.

  • Finish the lesson with a game that (usually) helps reinforce what they just learned.

  • As you end the “class”, send the kids off with love--letting them know how much Jesus loves them, and how happy you are to be their mom or teacher.

I pray that you, and the children in your care, enjoy the time you set aside to learn about the Lord, and that each child you teach comes to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

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