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gratitude journals for kids

Books to help children practice having a grateful heart

These UNIQUE, age-appropriate gratitude journals will teach young kids to practice and develop a grateful heart.

And with alternating paper colors (black and white), your child can enjoy experimenting with different mediums (gel pens, crayons, pastels) and colors as they practice their handwriting and artistic skills!

This is a great journal for boys and girls ages 4 to 8 years old!

gratitude journal for 4 to 8 year old kids boys girls

Each day/page is divided into morning and evening sections.

The morning section is printed on white paper & includes:

  • Emojis to choose from to express how the child is feeling that day

  • A fun & different drawing prompt each day to help them get in the mindset of giving thanks--even in the ordinary

  • A place to make a simple list of what they are grateful for today

  • "Who will I be kind to today?" A prompt to remember to practice kindness.


The evening section is printed on black paper and includes:

  • Drawing prompts for the "Hardest part of my day" and "My favorite part of my day"

  • Emojis to choose from to express how the child is feeling at the end of the day

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