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5 Year prayer Journals

Record what God is doing and remember what He has done

one line a day

These 5 year one-line-a-day journals will help you both discover and remember what God is doing in your life each day--the big, the small, the ordinary--all important moments that make up His Story for your life.


Each of the 365 days of the year has five separate boxes (1 for each of the next 5 years) filled with a dot grid pattern rather than lines.

Write down one line a day:

  • prayers prayed,

  • Scriptures that are meaningful to you,

  • things you are thankful for,

  • struggles you are having, 

  • memories you don't want to forget,etc.


Take time to let God know what is in your heart and thank Him for His faithfulness.

5 year one line a day journal
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