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bible verse copybooks

Workbooks to help kids learn God's Word while working on their penmanship

More than handwriting and copywork, these workbooks will help your child memorize and understand God's Word.

Each Scripture verse includes a two-page spread with:

  • The Scripture reference for you to look up in the Bible and read with your child

  • The Scripture verse written out in dotted letters for your child to trace

  • Blank handwriting paper lines for your child to write (all or part of) the verse on their own

  • Space to draw a picture to illustrate what the Scripture means--this increases understanding!

  • The Bible verse put to a common children's song to help them easily memorize the Scripture (print handwriting book)

  • List of 2-3 words from the verse that may be hard to understand. Learn to use a dictionary (and/or concordance) to look up the definitions (cursive handwriting book)

These FUN and unique copywork books are great for a homeschool Bible curriculum. Both the print and cursive books contain the same Bible verses, and are simple to use with multiple students.

(Best suited for kids who have beginning handwriting skills.)



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