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Bible journals for ages 12 AND UP

Building the joyful habit of spending time with the Lord each day

Digging Into God Bible Journals are simple tools to help kids and families discover God's unchanging truth and inspire the joyful habit of having personal time with the Lord. Created for ages 12 to adult, these Bible journals are purposely designed to be used as a homeschool Bible curriculum, as a family devotional, or for individual Bible study time.

This unique journal is filled with pages that give you space to TAKE NOTES, PRAY, ANSWER QUESTIONS, and DRAW. It will also help you develop the pattern of enjoying God’s Word and hearing from Him daily. The simplicity of this journal will cause you to breathe easy rather than feel like you have something too time consuming to complete.

The goal in using Digging Into God Journals is to teach children and teens how to read and understand the Bible on their own. After a few times of teaching them how to use the journal and read along in their Bible, hopefully they will look forward to having their own quiet time and make their relationship with the Lord personal.

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